Yesterday, a part of me healed. The tiny little worried voice inside that still wondered whether any of us could really make a difference received the resounding answer —WE CAN AND WE WILL.

I spent the day with about 70 committed, brilliant, insightful, and determined men and women who were undeterred by our first slick snow to attend our Swamp Revolt Active Bystander Train-the-Trainers event. Led by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, we now have a band of seasoned activists ready to unleash on the city on January 20th.

On January 20th, we will host active bystander trainings across the D.C. metro region. We will offer participants useful tools to use in situations where they find themselves witness to acts of aggression and verbal abuse. Participants will learn how to deescalate hate speech and harassment and better understand what it means to (safely) stick up for our neighbor with compassion and resolve.

I knew this training was, sadly, necessary. What I now fully believe is that this form of activism has the power to transform our entire movement. One person, one encounter at a time, we can help to create the kind of world we long to see.

In the coming days, we will share more information about how to register for the events on January 20th. And we’ll ask you all to share widely with anyone who might be coming in for the march on the following day.

There is a better way to spend inauguration day than hiding under the covers. I believe training for the resistance is arguably more productive. Come join us, there are healing waters in this swamp.

-Amy Ard