Materials for Nonviolence & Active Bystander Intervention Trainings

Want to learn how to de-escalate hate speech and harassment and better understand what it means to (safely) stick up for your neighbor with compassion and resolve?

Take 32 minutes to complete the following self-study so that you arrive at your training informed with the basics and ready to delve deeper:

    1. Familiarize yourself with the Principles of Bystander Intervention by Kit Bonson (2 minutes)
    2. Read Six Principles of Nonviolence by Michael Nagler (6 minutes)
    3. Watch Ken Brown explain the science behind bystander effect and active bystander effect: The bystander effect is complicated — here’s why (16 minutes)

    4. Study this illustration on Islamophobic Harassment by French artist Marie-Shirine Yener about how to help if you witness public harassment of a Muslim woman (3 minutes)

    5. Review and personally commit to the Nonviolence Pledge (5 minutes)

Go Deeper in Nonviolent Civil Resistance and Active Bystander Intervention

Want to learn more about the broader social movement for civil resistance to injustice and how to build stronger, more inclusive, democratic communities?

  1. Read Education and Training in Nonviolent Resistance by Nadine Bloch (20 minutes)
  2. Watch Standing Up for Racial Justice’s video, Don’t Be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks (4 minutes)